Unlock the Power of Olive Leaves with OLIVUM®!

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Olive leaves might surprise you: not only are they natural, but they also hold a “living” synergy of active molecules working together for your well-being! ✨

OLIVUM® harnesses the incredible power of olive leaves:

  • More than just an ingredient: Aqueous extraction preserves the leaves’ “synergy,” where molecules work collaboratively to boost your health.
  • Packed with polyphenols: Olive leaves have the highest concentration of these antioxidant powerhouses compared to olives themselves!
  • Scientifically backed: Over 16,500 studies highlight the benefits of olive leaf extracts.

DID YOU KNOW? The EU recognises hydroxytyrosol in OLIVUM® as a protector against oxidative stress on blood lipids.

Get your daily dose of well-being:

  • 2L of olive oil = 70ml of OLIVUM® (with only 28kcal!)
  • Olive leaves pack 100x more oleuropein, a key polyphenol, compared to olive oil!

Experience the OLIVUM® difference: unlock nature’s powerful synergy for your well-being!

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